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Meet our Roman Holiday Family

You might think you've stumbled onto a scene from La Dolce Vita when the ROMAN HOLIDAY Ensemble appears at festivals and other events around the country. 

The San Diego-based Italian band offers high-energy productions featuring a delightful combination of Italian music, including traditional Italian songs,  lively tarantellas, Neapolitan romantic ballads, popular Italian-American songs of the decades, Louie Prima swing hits, as well as a touch of Italian opera. 

Now in its 25th year, the troupe has performed for countless Italian festivals and corporate events in cities throughout the USA. ROMAN HOLIDAY was seen and heard in the grape festival scene of the 20th Century Fox film, A Walk In The Clouds, The film's sound track, on which one of ROMAN HOLIDAY'S songs is featured, received a Golden Globe Award.

Roman Holiday's rendition of the "Chicken Dance" was selected among all the many versions of this song online, and will be featured in the new The Peanuts Movie, in the scene where Charlie Brown tries to convince Snoopy that he can dance!

The band also produced the national bestseller, The Italian Wedding CD, which features all the lively and passionate songs traditionally heard at an Italian wedding reception, including a "How To" booklet that guides the planner through each step of orchestrating the Italian wedding reception. 

ROMAN HOLIDAY'S musicians and dancers are professional entertainers, many of whom have had notable careers in Hollywood, Las Vegas and on the cruise ship and casino circuit. 

Tony's wife, Giovanna, who serves as lead vocalist and show producer, also helps choreograph the dancers who often accompany the show--and designs the colorful costumes worn by the ensemble as well. When she's not on the road with ROMAN HOLIDAY, Giovanna is active as a travel journalist and scenic photographer for USA TODAY/10BEST. Her articles and photos can be found on her web site at GET THE PICTURE TRAVEL.

We'd love to talk to you personally about your special event! We offer every musical configuration, from solo, duos, quartets, strollers, 5-piece band, and full entourage with dancers.

We are a fully insured and licensed company and are members of the American Federation of Musicians (AFM).